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CAPES evaluation

In Brazil, the Coordination of Superior Level Staff Improvement (CAPES) accredits and evaluates postgraduate programs every four years. They assign grades from 3 to 7 to the courses, with the lower grades indicating satisfactory performance at the master's level and the highest grade (7) signifying a program on par with the best in the world. Periodically, area committees like the Biodiversity Committee meet to create the "Area Documents" outlining key indicators for program evaluation within their fields.


In 2009, CAPES granted PPGECB approval with a grade of 4, allowing it to offer master's degrees. The program subsequently launched its PhD program in 2011. Since its inception, PPGECB has consistently received positive evaluations from CAPES. Notably, in the latest quadrennial assessment (2017-2020), it achieved a remarkable score of 6, and is already aiming for an even higher score of 7!

Here are some CAPES documents that guide or evaluate our program:

Assessment Form - Biodiversity

In this document, the criteria used by CAPES to evaluate the programs are put in a very objective way.

Qualis CAPES List

Click here to consult the list of journals according to Qualis CAPES categories in the 2017-2021 four-year period.

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