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Self-Assessment and Planning

The PPGECB conducts annual evaluations, analyzing professor and student performance, the quality of disciplines, the program's social impact, and setting goals for improvement. Planning and self-evaluation meetings involve professors, students, and technical staff, and alumni contribute electronically. Reports of these meetings are produced and sent to all program members, the university administration, partners, and every four years, to CAPES.


The program's main goals for the coming years include:

  • Promoting ethnic-racial diversity;

  • Expanding its permanent faculty with professors exclusive to the program and belonging to the UESC staff;

  • Encouraging professor and student involvement in university extension activities.

  • Increasing professor involvement in undergraduate guidance, including mentoring research students and supervising final course projects;

  • Strengthening institutional research projects (INCT, PPBio, PELD, REFLORA, SISBIOTA, Paisagens Experimentais) by involving more students and post-doctoral fellows;

  • Maintaining clear benchmarks for the program's intellectual output, expanding student co-authorship in A1-A4 journals;

  • Expanding partnerships with NGOs, companies, and government agencies to train conservation professionals and address regional challenges;

  • Transforming scientific knowledge into innovation, driving solutions to complex environmental challenges;

  • Investing more heavily in program internationalization by attracting foreign researchers and students, encouraging faculty participation in international journals, sending students abroad, and establishing partnerships with foreign institutions.

Annual PPGECB Planning Reports
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