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Course Schedule and external students

Course Schedule
External students

Students from other UESC PPGs, who wish to apply for enrollment in PPGECB courses, should go to the secretariat of this program and inform themselves about the availability of places for the required course, as well as the enrollment period of this program. If there are vacancies, the application for registration should be made, via the UESC General Protocol, with the supervisor's knowledge informing the program, the discipline code and the semester. The same procedure must be performed by students of PPGECB who wish to study subjects in other UESC programs. Students from outside the UESC, who wish to apply for enrollment as a special student in PPGECB disciplines, should be attentive to the divulgation of the selection for special students, which is made available each semester (according to the PPGECB enrollment period) on the program site.

Subjects in other Post Graduate Programs at UESC in similar areas
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