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The master's student must take a total of 26 credits, being at least 3 of these credits in elective courses taken at PPGECB during his master's degree and 19 credits in compulsory subjects. The validation of credits in courses taken in other stricto sensu graduate programs may be made upon request of the student via protocol, with the agreement of the coordinator and evaluation of the collegiate. For more details on taking advantage of courses taken in other programs, consult the Internal Rules of the Program and specific resolution.

Compulsory Subjects (credit and workload)
Optional subjects (credit and workload)
Qualification Exam

In order to defend his dissertation, the Master must first pass the qualification exam, which must be completed between 6 and 12 months after joining the Program. The qualification examination of the Master is done in two stages, both within the discipline Seminars in Research on Ecology and Conservation. In one stage, the student should present and defend his research project, presenting his preliminary results before the examining board. In other stage, the Master must present a 30-minute class on an ecology topic to a examining board. You can consult more information about the exam in the internal rules of PPGECB.

Required Activities

In addition to the total credits in elective and compulsory subjects, and the qualification exam, the student must be enrolled from the first semester of the course in Oriented Research, orientation activity for the development of the research project, and carry out in one semester your teaching internship. Only after completion of these compulsory activities and the minimum credit in disciplines that the student can present his work of completing the course (dissertation)

master's degree

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